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An Escort Service is a new feature that allows you to hire an escort to assist you in the game. Absolutely anything you want can be done, even when you have logged off the game! Ask any questions you want. Have him take you wherever you want to go. Give him orders to help you in your quests. Include him in your strategy. You can even choose from American, Canadian, or European escorts. There are limitless possibilities!

Our Escort Service Feature is designed to give you pure satisfaction without any risks involved! You never have to worry about being banned, looking bad, or tarnishing your reputation. Your escort becomes your loyal friend. Your account is absolutely safe.

Get what you want and when you want it. Simply submit your request and when you want your escort. You will receive a quote and complete information and directions on your order.

Choose the best option! Take the lead and be worry-free! Order your Escort Service today!

Please note we are in BETA stages right now for this service, so all inquiring may not be answered or be serviced. If this is a case, you should expect some type of email. Please do not purchase below unless you have been accepted into beta testing, and given instructions on how to order. If you have any additional questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or email

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