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How can I transfer a character from one server to another in EverQuest 2?

We are pleased to announce the availability of the EverQuest II Character Account and Transfer Service. You can access the service itself by logging in at this link.

More Details are posted below.

EQII Character Account and Server Transfer Service

The EverQuest II community is growing on a daily basis. This community is continually evolving through various fan sites, message boards, and guilds, as well as from playing the game. Often, when you make new friends in the community, they may not always play in the same world that you do. As a result, we receive numerous requests to transfer characters.

Due to the high demand of requests that we receive to transfer characters from account to account, or from server to server, we have implemented a new character transfer service. If you would like to transfer a character or characters from your primary account to your secondary account, or wish to transfer character(s) to a different server, we are offering the Character Transfer Service, described below in detail. This is a value-added service which will necessitate a fee that will be billed to your credit card.

This service may be modified or cancelled at any time without prior notification. If, in its sole and absolute discretion, SOE decides to modify the Character Transfer Service, there will be no "retro-active" transfers for characters that were moved as part of the Character Transfer Service.

With regard to your character's information that is maintained on www.eq2players.com, please be aware that transferred characters will not retain statistical information accrued prior to the time of transfer for any of the following categories: adventure leveling history, tradeskill leveling history, server and serverwide ranking in relation to adventure or tradeskill leveling history, server-specific item discoveries and guild information. Items first discovered by your character within the entire game of EverQuest II will be preserved.

For more information on this service, please review the policy, guidelines and restrictions described below.

All terms and conditions of the EverQuest II User Agreement and Software License, and the Rules and Policies (available through a hotlink located at http://everquest2.station.sony.com) apply to any attempted transfer or transfer of characters. You will not be allowed to transfer any characters to an account that was not originally registered to you or is not held by you.

Additional Notes

Check out is only available in English. A translated check out process with a Global Collect option is coming soon.

If your server is not listed, please check again after your server has been patched.

Character Transfer Fee Schedule

Transferring one (1) character on the same SOE account from one server to another server:

Each Character
$50.00 (plus any applicable tax)

Transferring one (1) character from one of your SOE accounts to another SOE account without changing to a different server:

Each Character
$50.00 (plus any applicable tax)

Transferring one (1) character from one of your SOE accounts to another SOE account and changing to a different server:

Each Character
$100.00 (plus any applicable tax)

In addition to any applicable fees described above, if you are a resident of a European Union country or territory, you will also be charged VAT (Value Added Tax) equal to 17.5% of the applicable fee.

Guidelines and Restrictions

EverQuest II currently permits up to six (6) characters per account for standard accounts and up to ten (10) characters per account for Station Access accounts. If you transfer a character to an account that already contains the maximum number of characters allowed under that account's subscription plan, you may not be able to access the transferred character until you delete other characters on the account until such time as you fall within the maximum permissible number of characters for that account.

A valid credit card is the only valid form of payment for this Character Transfer Service. If you are currently paying for your account with a Game Card, you must submit credit card information using the billing information fields provided.

When moving a character between two SOE accounts, you must be the registered holder of both accounts.

In the event that SOE adds additional EverQuest II servers after this Character Transfer Service becomes available, your character will not be permitted to move to a server that is less than six (6) months old.

Character names are not guaranteed on character transfers between two separate servers. If your character's name has already been used, you will need to enter a new name in the field provided (subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the Character Naming Policy).

In the event that you request a character transfer between an account which has added content, such as any Adventure Packs or EQII expansions, and an account without such additional content, your character will only have access to the applicable zones available on the account to which it is transferred. For example, if you request a transfer from an account with access to The Bloodline Chronicles to an account which does not have access to that Adventure Pack, your character will not be able to enter the restricted, instanced zones for that Adventure Pack.

Guild Affiliations: As part of the character transfer process, any Guild affiliation will be removed. If your character is a Patron in your Guild, that Guild will lose your Contributed Status Points. Your character will retain all of its Personal Status Points, and you will be able to spend them again on your character's new server.
All approved requests will be processed when reasonably practicable to do so. SOE reserves the right to deny any attempted request to transfer a character in its sole and absolute discretion for any reason or no reason.

No refunds will be permitted once your request is approved and processed. If you change your mind about moving your character after it has already been moved, you will need to fill out an additional Request Form in order to move the character back to your original server or account and you will be charged the applicable Character Transfer Fee. In the event that you use this Character Transfer Service to return to your original server, any guild affiliation or other tangible game components cannot be restored upon return to that server.
A single request form may be used to transfer several characters at once provided that all characters are being transferred under the same type of Character Transfer Service (e.g. from server to server or account to account). For example, you cannot use the same form to transfer one character between two accounts and another character between two servers. You will need to complete a separate Request Form for each type of transfer option. The Character Transfer Fee will be calculated and charged based on the number of characters to be transferred, not on the number of Request Forms that you submit.

There are no discounts for multiple transfer requests. The Character Transfer Fee described above applies for each character transfer.

If you attempt to transfer characters in violation of these guidelines and restrictions, any applicable laws, the EverQuest II User Agreement and Software License or the Rules and Policies (for example, attempting to transfer characters from another person's account to or from an account purchased by or for you or given to you where you are not the original registered user of that account), the character will not be moved, your request will not be processed or approved, your account(s) will be subject to review and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken.