Ultimate FAQ Guide

How do I prepare my character for power leveling and when will it start?
  • Please do not log into your account for a minimum of 12 hours prior to you placing a power leveling order. This is to allow the IP logs to reset before our levelers start work on your account.
  • Valuables: All items in your account will be safe. At the same time, we also suggest moving anything of value to you to a different character or different account for safe-keeping.
  • Let your friends and guild mates know that you will be away and a friend/relative will be playing on your account. You may also choose to put them in your ignore list throughout the course of the power leveling.
  • Kindly take note that the actual starting time of power leveling would take about 1 to 12 hours after submission. The purpose of this time buffer is to allow the levelers time to arrange your character into their leveling time slots and also to lower the risk of your account getting flagged by the gamemaker, as the sudden change of IP might pose as a threat.