Ultimate FAQ Guide

How come this isnt illegal?

Virtual trade or real-money trade (RMT) has been taking place for years. There is some controversy as various game publishers don't condone virtual trade while other game publishers actively encourage trade. While we acknowledge and respect the ownership rights of game publishers and developers, we believe gamers have the right to trade with one another. With this said, no law today prohibits online virtual account trading.

UPDATE: January 12, 2010

Korea legalizes RMT. While Korea may not be our specific market, this recent law being passed is a step closer for RMT being completely legal worldwide as right now there is no law to protect the game developers or ourselves in the United States, Canada, Australia, or any European country. Please also note that RMT is never a criminal issue, and any lawsuit that occurs in regards to RMT is a civil court issue.

Source: http://www.virtualgoodsnews.com/2010/01/korea.html